Lenten Season 2016

Someone asked how to locate the emails which were sent out this Lenten season. Here is the collection.  They were largely an experiment in learning while observing.  Thank you to everyone who engaged in this journey together this season through these emails and blog posts.  I appreciate it.

Lent Preparationlent

Ash Wednesday 

Lent Week 2

Lent Week 3

Lent Week 4

Lent Week 5

Lent Week 6

Lent Week 7

Good Friday

Holy Saturday

2015 Lenten Guide for Unitarian Universalists

I created the following guide for Unitarian Universalists who may find it meaningful to observe Lent.  The guide can be shared, but please leave the citations which credit the cites where I gathered information and please leave the citation stating who created the guide.  Thank you. 2015 Lenten Guide for UUs

For those who are part of my congregation in Huntington, NY this Lenten guide is slightly different and geared for participation locally.