Parent Guides

Each month I create a parent guide for the families in my congregation.  The content explores the theme our congregation is working with that month and other relevant topics for our families.  I have decided to start sharing them here:

Feb 2017: Identity

Jan 2017: Prophecy

Dec 2016: Presence

Nov 2016: Story

Oct 2016: Healing

Sept. 2016: Covenant

Summer 2016 Parent Guide

June 2016: Simplicity

May 2016: Blessing

April 2016: Creation

March Parent Guide


Parent Guide Jan 2016

Advent Calendar for UU Families created by several religious educators

NOV 2015 Ancestry

Oct 2015: Letting Go

Sept: Invitation

June 2015: Honesty

May 2015: Beauty

April 2015: Trust

March 2015 – Doubt

Feb 2015 Courage

Jan 2015 Yearning & MLK

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