Consultation Services

All congregations deserve to have dynamic and engaging worship and religious education programming.  In smaller congregations who may not have religious professionals on staff, lay leaders sometimes struggle to create transformative experiences in their ministry. This is not for lack of heart or devotion.  Lay leaders are vital to the life of our congregations, whether we have a full professional staff team or not. Lay leaders have not always had the opportunities to seek continuing education in the areas they now find themselves responsible for in the congregation.

I have created the following consultation services to help lay leaders develop stronger skills in the following areas.  I am also available to be a guest speaker in your pulpit. Fees vary based on length of the workshop, location of the congregation, etc.  Please email me for more details at

Mission & Vision for Religious Education:  This can be condensed to a few hours though I recommend a full day retreat for the RE committee.  By the end of the workshop your committee will have a mission and vision for their program and have a deeper understanding of how the RE program is connected to the congregation’s sense of mission and vision.

Religious Education Teacher Training:  For congregations without a professional religious educator.  This is a basic training for your RE teachers in safety, classroom management, lesson planning, and creating a system of mutual support between the church and the family.

Storytelling:  My particular method to approach storytelling in worship is to tell, never read, the story.  Stories in worship support the sermon and draw the congregation into the service as participants.  Stories may be our oldest way to teach.  In this workshop you will learn techniques for story selection, tips for drawing in adults as well as children, how to tell a story from heart, and how to effectively layer stories to have multiple access points for the congregation.

Excellence in Worship for Lay Leaders: For congregations who do not have a full time minister and find their lay leaders are responsible for crafting worship 3 or more Sundays each month.  This training will help worship leaders understand liturgy, the importance of ritual, how to create services that engage multiple ages, how to create a flow of connection throughout the service, and will help empower lay leaders to create dynamic worship for the congregation.


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