UU Lenten Observation


Once again, I am offering weekly online readings, reflections, and engagement for Unitarian Universalists during the season of Lent. You will find the first two e-mail below. If you wish to register to receive these, leave your email address in the comments and I will add you to the distribution list.

Ash Wednesday Reflection

Reflection for March 8


Silence & Shouting

I’ve recently been trying to discern when to be silent and when to shout. These days, the whole world seems to be shouting and silent at once. People are beginning to wake up and protests, meetings with elected leaders, and local rallies are happening in record numbers. It is also true that some are still silent and complacent about the woes of others.

When I talk with our youth about privilege, I always talk about how we can harness the privilege we carry to amplify historically marginalized voices. I try to use my voice to make space for another, not to speak for them. This is an important lesson we all must learn and often relearn along the way.

The verse above from Isaiah makes me think about the revolution unfolding around us. What is our part? What is our work? When do we shout and when do we hold silence?

For my Lenten observation, I am trying to listen more. This means more time on my meditation cushion, more time in intentional silence, more time in nature, and more reading of those voices which history has tried (and all too often succeeded) in silencing.

Shout for joy!
Cry out for peace!
Yell announcements of the resistance!
Sit in quiet moments to listen to your heart.
Keep silent your opinions and learn from those most affected by oppression.
Listen sweetly to every sound for evidence of the Holy in the day-to-day.

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