Prayer for Justice

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel said, In Selma, Alabama I learned to pray with my feet.


photo by Michael Webber, from Twitter


Mother Podell, a woman in her seventies participating in the bus boycotts in Birmingham walked for miles every day. It is said she told Dr. King, my feet are tired, by my soul is rested.


Spirit of Life, God of Many Names, Mother of Justice, may we be guided to do the next right thing. Compelled by our call to make the world just for all people, may we know the peace of a tired body with a rested soul.

These times we live in call us to be the prophetic voice, not only naming, but shaping the future with what we Unitarian Universalists know to be true: if there is salvation then it is in this life, through the good works of humans, recognizing our shared humanity and the worth of every person.



photo by: Starr Austin

Yesterday, our Fellowship had a group of marchers at the protests in D.C. and another group at the march in N.Y.C. – praying with our feet.

Spirit of Life, help us find common ground to work with those who would stand for justice, who would sit for justice, who would kneel on the football field for justice, who write letters, speak to representatives, and use the arts to amplify the message for justice – for all people.

These are trying times.

It can feel like nothing is changing and we can begin to feel defeated by the ways in which history seems to be repeating itself – but take heart, in that same history is the legacy of justice workers, prophetic voices and deeds of those who have gone before us, and a message that reminds us that justice movements have always relied on community. It is in one another we will find strength, peace, and renewal.

We are made for these times – our resilience and our passion serve us in this work,


photo by: Starr Austin

with hope as fuel and the beloved community the well from which we drink. May we know the next right thing, the next step and have the courage to take it.

Amen, Shalom, and Blessed Be.





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