Holy Saturday

lentI wasn’t going to post a reflection for Holy Saturday, but the words by Rev. Sean Dennison below are too potent not to share.  On Holy Saturday I choose to spend time reflecting on Mary.  Some years I feel angry at what a bum deal she got.  She had to be the teenage mom.  She had to carry the child of God, a story which is not easy to believe.  She had to ask her fiance to believe her.  The well cited verse in the bible, John 3:16, speaks of God’s sacrifice: “for he gave his only begotten son so that we might know eternal life”.  Mary gave too.  She gave all.  She gave over and over again with every prayer, every challenge, every threat.  She gave with every side-eyed stare, every bit of gossip shared at the well, every time she might have been shunned.  She gave when he went into the wilderness with no warning.  She spent those 40 days in worry that her son was dead.  She gave when they took him from her, when they beat him in front of her, when he hung before her.  She gave when he died.

Today the story of Mary’s sacrifice makes me think of all the mother’s of children of color, all the times they worry, the talk they have to give their children about staying safe, the reality of their loss.  They give and give.  In their loss and in their voices Mary cries out.  Can you hear her?  What will you do?

This Holy Saturday I am not angry.  I am heartbroken.  I am worn out.  I am grieving for the loss she feels.  The world grieved when Jesus died.  The bible says that it was afternoon when he was put on the cross and yet the sky went dark.  This imagery demonstrates how deeply the loss was felt by all.  In my storyteller heart I imagine Mary’s grief turning the sky dark.  I imagine Mother Earth responding to the cries of the Holy Mother.  This Holy Saturday I grieve.

sean dennison quote

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